Looking for PB n’ Games?

If you’re looking for us this spring, come find us at some of these events!

Digital Media and Learning Conference
March 6-8
Boston, MA

MassDigi Game Challenge
March 7-8
Cambridge, MA

Cambridge Science Festival
April 18-27
Cambridge, MA

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Narrative as Reward

Although most educators would agree that learning can and should be fun, our education system is not set up with fun in mind. Instead, we have boring worksheets, anxiety-ridden tests, and long periods of boredom, so many teachers find reward systems useful motivation to get students to complete the distasteful schoolwork. Common incentives are stickers, candy, pizza parties – anything that gets the students excited – if only temporarily.

Game designers do something similar. In essence, games ask players to do meaningless, repetitive, difficult tasks and then punishes them when they fail. (Yes, I am talking about Flappy Bird) What keeps us playing? Part of the reward of games is the triumph of beating a level, boss, or high score. However, many games also make use of a compelling storyline to keep players engaged. Read more ›

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