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About the Company:

PBnGames Inc. was founded by a team of game-industry veterans, science geeks, educational specialists and people who generally want to make the world a better place using the power of the interactive medium.

We are:

Marli Mesibov (designer, cat-herder, and chief-motivator) Marli Mesibov (Co-Founder, Producer, Business Manager) is a UX consultant with a love of education and games. Her work spans game design, web applications, and mobile. Marli can also be found on Twitter, where she shares thoughts on UX Design, games, and Muppets.


Creath Carter (artist, designer, and warrior of love)Creath Carter (Co-Founder, Artist, Designer, Engineer) is an artist and designer for interactive media. He has worked at Sony, Electronics Arts, Turbine Entertainment, and several other studios, and is always interested in new game development projects. His interests include the art of game development as a whole, astrophysics, research in robotics and biology, literature, virtual and augmented reality, simulation as an artform, and software development for education.


Deidre Witan (designer, visionary, and talent-wrangler) Deidre Witan (Co-Founder, Designer, Business Manager is an educator and instructional designer, specializing in the use of new technologies to create innovative solutions to educational challenges. Her interests include educational game design and mobile app development for informal learning. She has worked with the MIT Education Arcade and Learning Games Network to help bring more educational video games into K12 classrooms. She has a Master’s of Education in Technology, Innovation, and Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Greg Kinnemen (engineer, designer, and professional of technical implementation) Greg Kinnemen (Co-Founder, Engineer) is an experienced game and web developer, who aims to deliver novel and engaging interactive experiences for users of all ages. He has created games for numerous platforms, from pure HTML 5 to Unity on Facebook, to the Atari 2600, and from board games to ARGs. He regularly participates in local-area game meetups, attends and speaks at game conferences, and organizes and participates in game jams.


Jessica Polka (mother of invention, designer, and biological chemist) Jessica Polka (Co-Founder, Designer, Science and Education Consultant) is too busy doing science to write a bio. But we forgive her, because if not for her dream of a game to teach students to love being scientists, PB n’ Games would never have come to life.


Rick Cody (sound designer, score composer, and audio man-at-arms) Rick Cody (Co-Founder, Designer, Audio Production, Youth Educational Consultant) is a teacher at Kindercare, a childcare learning center dedicated to bringing the best education to students. He is also a music teacher at the Berklee School of Music, and a founder of eGiftSong, selling personal music greetings.


Andrew Brockert (engineer, designer, and tallest guy on the team) Andrew Brockert (Co-Founder, Engineer) has a day job as a Data Infrastructure Engineer at Chitika, Inc. He has worked as a software engineer since 2007, and in fun-based education since before that, beginning as a camp counselor.